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Spring 2013

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The Happiness Issue

UCR Magazine's Spring 2013 Issue is Here

How do you find happiness? What gives people joy? These are questions that mankind has asked since the beginning of time. At UCR, researchers are finding out that happiness can be controlled, whether you believe in destiny, divine intervention or just pure luck.

After all, happiness isn't just an emotion; with it, people often enjoy good health, good social relationships, and good salaries. In this issue, we present 10 ways UCR research can help you attain bliss. As a treat, we've also created the Game of Happiness to play online — click on the game above to get started!

You'll also get a first look at the new School of Public Policy, which will develop research to serve the Inland community and the world. We talk to Yadong Yin, a scientist who has, in his own small way (and we mean nanoparticle small), made the world more colorful. You'll get to read an excerpt of novelist and Professor of Creative Writing Susan Straight's eighth novel, “Between Heaven and Here.” And you'll also find out more about Sharon Walker, an associate professor of chemical and environmental engineering, whose research on water can potentially change the world.